Leica Microsystems is a world leading manufacturer in microscopy and scientific instruments field. The company’s history was marked by unparalleled innovations on its way to becoming a global enterprise.


Historically close cooperation of Leica Microsystem with the scientific community is the key to the company’s tradition of innovation, which draws on users’ ideas and creates outstanding solutions tailored to their requirements. Leica’s GSD and SP8 STED superresolution systems are among the winners of “Top 10 Innovations Award” of the magazine “The Scientist” for 2013 and 2014 years.


Leica Microsystems has six manufacturing facilities in five countries, with sales and service organizations in 20 countries. The company is headquartered in Wetzlar, Germany.


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  • The Leica DMi8

    The Leica DMi8

    From basic microscopy to high-end imaging – Leica DMi8 grows with your ever-changing needs.​

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  • STED Super-Resolution

    STED Super-Resolution

    Super-resolution microscopy overcomes the diffraction limit of light and allows investigators to study subcellular structures in greater detail than is possible with a confocal microscope in greater detail than is possible with a confocal microscope

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