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Back to daily routine within 48 hours: the first chest surgery by the Da Vinci robot in Israel was successful.



After half a year of mistaken diagnosis, Rahamim Mesica discovered the acute pain in his shoulder was caused by an adenoma close to his heart. The innovative breast surgery was completed within 45 minutes, and required 24 hours of hospitalization. "I was amazed! I did not need pain killers or analgesic pills".


For half a year Rahamim Mesica (63) of Ashdod [Israel] suffered of an acute pain in his left shoulder. Only after consulting another orthopedist, he discovered the cause of the pain was an adenoma close to his heart. Its removal required a modern (innovative) surgery.


Mesica was directed to the Belinson Hospital in Petah Tikva, where he was given the opportunity to have a robotic-assisted surgery using the Da Vinci robot. The procedure is quite common in Urology and Gynecology, but hadn't been used for chest surgery. The innovative procedure – the first in Israel – was completed within a timeframe of 45 minutes, and required only 24 hours of hospitalization. Mesica asked to remain under medical supervision for an additional 24 hours, after which he was released.


Mesica was amazed by the ease of the robotic surgery, especially considering the acute pain he had suffered beforehand. "I was stunned that I didn't need pain killers", he recalled. "The doctors offered [pills] but I didn't need it. The day after the surgery, I was sitting in a chair, and after 48 hours I was home, back to the daily routine".


Dr. Yuri Pesahovits, a senior doctor at the cardiothoracic surgery department at Belinson Hospital, emphasized the success Mesica's surgery represents a significant breakthrough. "The small incisions [of the robotic procedure] are helpful to achieve a speedy recovery, reduce pain, reduce complications, and are more accurate than the familiar method of laparoscopic procedures".


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