Established at 1968 in France, DIAGAST specializes in immunohematology for over 50 years.  DIAGAST develops& produces automated systems and reagents that determine blood groups for needed blood transfusions patients, as well as for the blood used in transfusions.
Its products include:
• QWALYS 3, a fully-automated and high-throughput system for immunohematology
• Complete range for manual immunohematology testing
• ABD PAD, a medical device for manual ABO/RhD blood group confirmation

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  • QWALYS® 3

    QWALYS® 3

    QWALYS® 3 sets the standard for blood banks, blood transfusion centres and hospitals performing between 10,000 and 100,000 tests per year

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  • ABD PAD®

    ABD PAD®

    BD PAD® by DIAGAST is an innovative In Vitro Diagnostic Medical for manual ABO/RhD blood group confirmation of donors and recipients.

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