AVE Birthing Bed


The design of the AVE birthing bed reflects a deep understanding of both the individual comfort requirements of the mother and the professional needs of the birthing team.  A woman in labor can freely select the optimal birthing position for her. The massage segment, and other functions, accommodate the mothers‘ needs and provides support for her back and legs. The design of the bed also provides complete response for the professional requirements of birthing team, emphasizing functionality, easy operation, fast manipulation, and accommodation of the physical needs of personnel.


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Nahariya Hospital have switched to AVE beds:


"After a few days of checking the AVE birthing bed of BORCAD, we were impressed by its substantial advantages over the birthing beds used nowadays in our country.
The bed is very comfortable in the lying down position, and the massage process provides a relief of the labor pain for a significant number of women giving birth. The bed operation and cleaning are simple and easy. It is quite obvious that a lot of thinking and design effort were invested in the human engineering of the bed. The use of the adjusting legs of the bed is well adapted to the built and needs of the women giving birth.  The option to rise the part under the back of mother enables an easy approach to the internal check-up of needed in certain situations, and for the process of sowing through the perineum after birth.


The birthing bed is the most important tool for both the woman giving birth and for the professional team.

Thank you,
Sary Nahir Biderman
Person in charge, birthing facility"