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Featured Products

This small selection highlights the range of products Dover Medical offers




    The design and function of the Eleganza 3XC bed are customised to meet the high demands of intensive care.

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  • da Vinci Xi Surgical System

    da Vinci Xi Surgical System

    The da Vinci Xi® is the next frontier for minimally invasive surgery. With this addition, Intuitive Surgical® can now offer a full range of da Vinci Systems optimized for highly complex, multi-quadrant surgery and simpler, single-quadrant surgery.

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  • TEG®6s Hemostasis Analyzer

    TEG®6s Hemostasis Analyzer

    The TEG®6s system is a real-time analyzer that enables multiple assays to be performed simultaneously from a single whole blood sample in order to provide rapid, comprehensive and accurate identification of an individual’s hemostasis condition.

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  • MCS+


    MCS®+ 9000 Mobile Platelet Collection System

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  • Tom 2

    Tom 2

    A state-of-the art children’s bed for patients of pre-school age must be safe and be able to provide excellent access for nursing staff

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  • The Leica DMi8

    The Leica DMi8

    From basic microscopy to high-end imaging – Leica DMi8 grows with your ever-changing needs.​

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  • STED Super-Resolution

    STED Super-Resolution

    Super-resolution microscopy overcomes the diffraction limit of light and allows investigators to study subcellular structures in greater detail than is possible with a confocal microscope in greater detail than is possible with a confocal microscope

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  • Rowa®


    Rowa® from CareFusion. Innovations in medication management. Automated Storage and Dispensing Systems for Efficient Pharmacies.

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  • Micro-Laparoscopy


    The microlaparoscopy instruments produced by AB Medica are characterized by the optimal length, the highest level of rigidity and the best atraumatic grasp. They provide a revolutionary access and scarless surgery through a 4 mm and dilating tip.

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  • Virtuoso


    The VIRTUOSO is a 24-hour care pressure elimination system that provides accelerated healing of all grades of pressure ulcers irrespective of mobility

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  • AVE


    The design of the AVE birthing bed reflects both the individual comfort requirements of the mother and the professional needs of the birthing team, accenting the aesthetics and functionality of the whole product.

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  • Eleganza 2

    Eleganza 2

    The LINET Eleganza 2 pushes the boundaries of bed design in terms of safety, quality of workmanship and innovation. The LINET Eleganza 2 is the first bed of its kind so has set the standard by defining the genuinely modern bed system.

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  • MultiCare


    The Multicare bed for critical and intensive care aids in the prevention of pulmonary complications in long term immobile patients, and facilitates many therapeutic and diagnostic procedures.

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    ENDOEYEY FLEX 3D Video Laparoscope

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  • Sysmex XN Platform

    Sysmex XN Platform

    New approach for hematology - the Sysmex XN Platform

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  • HiQ+ Hand Instruments

    HiQ+ Hand Instruments

    HiQ+ Hand Instruments feature exceptional strength, durability, and ergonomics for ideal functioning as an extension of the surgeon’s hands for outstanding control

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  • Alaris® Infusion system

    Alaris® Infusion system

    Standardize infusion devices to protect patient care

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  • CELLEX® Photopheresis System

    CELLEX® Photopheresis System

    THERAKOS® CELLEX® Photopheresis System, is the world’s only approved, fully-integrated system for administering autologous immune cell therapy through extracorporeal photopheresis (ECP).

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  • Pyxis® Medication Management

    Pyxis® Medication Management

    Pyxis technologies combine proven technology with actionable intelligence to prevent medication errors, help free up clinician time to focus on patient care, increase the predictability of medication availability and reduce inefficiencies in the medication use process.

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  • Pyxis® Supply Management

    Pyxis® Supply Management

    Throughout the hospital or IDN, Pyxis supply technologies provide a measurable ROI through improved charge capture, case costing, workflow efficiency, regulatory compliance and data analysis.

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