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Dover Medical is the exclusive distributor of the following companies:


  • AB Medica

    AB Medica

    AB Medica develops and distributes medical products in the fields of robotics, minimally invasive surgery, interventional cardiology, radiology, anesthesiology, and intensive care

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  • Aethon


    Aethon is the only provider of an autonomous mobile robot which is integrated with delivery tracking software, creating a platform to automate a hospital’s internal logistics and supply processes

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  • Borcad


    BORCAD focuses on the development, construction and production of birthing beds, gynecological, transport and dialysis chairs

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  • Carefusion


    Carefusion's vision is to improve safety and streamline the process of working in different departments. The company employs approximately 14,000 employees worldwide. Carfusion's clinical products, such as PYXIS & ALARIS, are known for their high quality.

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  • Haemonetics


    Haemonetics is a global leader in therapeutic pheresis treatment.

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  • Intuitive Surgical

    Intuitive Surgical

    The da Vinci Surgical System enables doctors to perform surgery in a manner never before experienced. With the surgeon sitting at a console a few feet from the patient, da Vinci translates that surgeon’s hand movements into corresponding micro-movements of instruments inside the patient’s body. The da Vinci System provides better visualization, dexterity, precision and control than open surgery, while enabling the surgeon to perform procedures through tiny, 1-2 cm incisions.

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  • Leica


    Leica Microsystems is a world leading manufacturer in microscopy and scientific instruments field. The company’s history was marked by unparalleled innovations on its way to becoming a global enterprise.

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  • Linet


    Linet specializes in electric beds and patient environment; Beds, stretchers, patient cabinets with \ without food tray

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  • Octapharma


    Octapharma is a Swiss company, one of the world's leading manufacturer of plasma products.

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  • Mölnlycke


    Mölnlycke is a world leading provider of single use surgical and wound care products. Mölnlycke are among the most respected professional health care brands in the world and are particularly known for unique, high-quality range of products and patented technologies.

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  • Olympus


    Olympus supports the work of medical professionals by providing advanced, minimally invasive therapeutic and diagnostic technologies to improve the quality of patient care around the globe

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  • Pall Life Sciences

    Pall Life Sciences

    Pall Life Sciences specializes in blood filtration and sets, cord blood products and water Filtration.

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  • Polytech


    POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics is a German manufacturer of soft-tissue silicone implants and has been marketing them successfully for more than 25 years. Polytech products are used worldwide in more than 60 countries for reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery.

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  • Stago


    Stago, the global expert on coagulation tests, offers a series of instruments to coagulation laboratories of all sizes.

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  • Sysmex


    Sysmex Corporation is amn international leader in designing and producing diagnostic solutions for medical laboratories world-wide.

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  • Therakos


    The next generation, THERAKOS™ CELLEX® Photopheresis System incorporates the innovative and advanced technologies, providing a new level of patient-focused care.

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